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About Our Company

Jay and Midge Ladner are the founders and inventors
of Praise God Time.  They are both credentialed ministers
 of Living Word International. They both had taught their
seminar on Living Word International conferences.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help prepare the Bride of Christ by exemplifying God's love, assisting fellow Christians
in realizing their potential through fostering a closer
relationship with God and unleashing the power of
praise in people's lives by distributing the "Praise God
 Time" clock while speaking, teaching, and testifying
of God's miraculous love and life-changing power.

The "Praise God Time" Clock
can be used for:
Praise God Time Clocks as a tool

Reminder to Praise God regularly

Uplift your spirit

Bring joy and salvation into your household

Assist in battle of spiritual warfare

Edify God's name hourly

Empowerment through praise

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